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NPTC Qualified

The NPTC Qualified certificate is a proof of competency and qualifications for those who are working in the tree care industry. This certification is recognized by employers for  professional expertise.

BS3998 Tree Work

The BS3998 Tree Work Summary outlines a number of different standards and regulations which must be followed in order to ensure that a tree company is carrying out safe and effective work.

Tree Surgery

Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding is a relatively simple but effective way to address the problem of tree stumps in your yard. It involves using a specialized machine to grind away the top layer of the stump, reducing it to small wood chips.

Tree Felling Kidderminster

Tree felling is the process of cutting tree down and removing them from the land. The most common reasons for tree felling include construction, land clearing for development, and to control the spread of disease or pests.

Local Tree Surgeons

Being a tree surgeon involves much more than simply cutting down tree. It is the practice and knowledge of professional arboriculture, which includes trimming, tree pruning, tree planting, and removing trees. 

Tree Surgeon

We are a leading arborist company based in Kidderminster. Our team of experts specialise in tree care including tree pruning, tree removal and tree stump grinding. We also offer other tree maintenance such as tree planting and hedge trimming.

We are committed to providing the highest quality tree surgery service to our customers, with an emphasis on safety and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team have years of experience working in Kidderminster and its surrounding areas, so you can trust that your tree work will be well taken care of.

We strive to provide excellent tree work and customer services, competitive prices and reliable results every time – because we understand how important it is for our customers to keep their tree healthy, safe and looking good.

If you’re in Kidderminster and its surrounding areas and are looking for tree surgery services contact us today to get a free quote.

About Us

KM are a leading tree surgery and arboriculture company providing tree surgery Kidderminster, Worcestershire and its surrounding areas. Our team of professional arborists have over 20 years experience in tree surgery management, tree pruning, tree hedge maintenance, tree planting, professional tree services and tree felling. We also provide advice on tree health and safety.

Whether you’re looking for an experienced tree surgeon to maintain your garden or a professional tree surgeon to work on a commercial tree project like a stump grinding tree, we can help. With our knowledge and expertise, we will ensure the best possible outcome for your tree.

We know that each job is unique which is why we take great care when assessing each tree site individually. Our tree team has comprehensive experience dealing with difficult urban situations as well as rural tree landscapes; whether it’s a small tree pruning or a large tree felling project, we will make sure it is done safely, efficiently and to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service which is why all of our clients love to leave us a good review, so if you’d like more information about our tree services or to book an appointment with one of our tree staff. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our Work

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Tree Surgeons

Arborists provide a range of professional tree surgery care services to help maintain the health and safety of trees. From tree pruning, tree surgery removal and tree planting to tree cutters preservation orders (TPOs), we can help with all your tree-related needs.

Tree Surgery Kidderminster

One of the most important tree services they offer is tree pruning, which includes cutting off dead or diseased branches as well as reducing the height or spread of a tree. Tree pruning helps maintain the shape and health of a tree, promote growth, reduce risk from falling branches, and improve visibility for pedestrians.

Tree Preservation Orders

Arborists also provide an array of tree services related to tree preservation orders (TPOs). These include assessing whether tree need protection, determining which tree species are appropriate for tree protection, and advising on tree surgery management options. They can also help with emergency tree removal applications, where trees fall under TPOs or conservation area regulations.


We also provide tree planting services to help improve the environment and create sustainable tree communities. Whether you’re looking to plant a single tree in your garden or an entire forest of tree for a commercial development, services tree surgeons bewdley can advise on the best tree species to use and how best to care for them.

With years of professional experience in arboriculture, our arborists offer reliable advice and professional services that will ensure the health and safety of your tree. So if you need any help with tree care, be sure to contact a tree surgeon near me or arborist today. They’ll make sure your tree stay healthy and safe for years to come. Call us for a free quote and don’t forget to check our ratings and customer reviews.


Tree need a variety of conditions in order to grow and thrive, including sunlight, water, nutrients, and support. Sunlight is necessary for tree growth as it enables photosynthesis which helps the tree produce energy. Tree also need water to stay hydrated and healthy; without sufficient moisture they cannot absorb essential nutrients from the soil or protect themselves from extreme temperatures. Nutrients are an important component for tree growth as well; these nutrients provide energy for root expansion, tree metabolism, and new leaf production. Lastly, tree require something called structural support, which refers to anything that gives stability to the tree doctor such as roots and branches; this helps them withstand environmental stressors like wind damage. All of these factors together provide everything a tree needs to grow and stay healthy.

Aside from environmental conditions, tree growth can also be affected by factors like air pollution, tree diseases and pests, human activities, and soil fertility. Air pollution can limit tree growth by reducing sunlight available for photosynthesis and depleting the oxygen in the atmosphere that tree need to survive. Tree diseases and pests can weaken a tree’s ability to absorb water and nutrients or damage its structure, leading to stunted growth or even death. Human activity such as construction or over-pruning tree can cause damage that prevents tree growth or leads to tree death. Finally, soil fertility is important as it provides the right balance of nutrients needed for tree growth; if there are too many or too few nutrients in the soil then tree growth can be stunted.

By understanding these factors, we can ensure that our tree population remains healthy and strong for years to come. Proper tree care is essential for tree growth and will help maximize tree health and beauty. By regularly watering, fertilizing, pruning, and protecting tree from disease and pests, we can help create an environment where tree are able to grow and thrive!

From Our Customers

“Garry did a wonderful job trimming our hedge rows that back onto fields. They look fantastic as always, highly recommend .”

Kelly Hall - Spennells

“Gaz removed a dangerous 20ft oak tree from my property at a very reasonable price, I would 100% use these local Tree Surgeons again.”

Joshua Anslow - Habberley

“Gareth came highly recommended by a friend and I understand why, great job by him and his team removing a large tree for me.”

Matt Taylor - Broadwaters

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