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Have you ever wanted to make a career out of working with trees? Do cutting, pruning, and maintaining trees sound like something that would be interesting and rewarding for you? If so, then tree surgery might be an ideal path for you. Tree surgeons are highly trained professionals who use climbing gear and specialized cutting tools to care for some of the largest trees in our backyard: oak, sycamore, or pine trees. In this post, we’ll discuss the steps required to become a tree surgeon and the salary they could earn. So if you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to work with these giants of nature, read on!

Why Tree Surgery?

Tree surgery is a rewarding career path that combines strong technical skills, an eye for detail, and deep knowledge of plants. By working with trees, you can help ensure the health of our environment by caring for them, so they continue to produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Tree surgeons also play an important part in urban forestry, maintaining the health of trees and managing their growth.

How to Become a Tree Surgeon? Step By Step

Research the field:

Becoming a tree surgeon requires research into the qualifications and skills needed to join the profession. It is important to understand the requirements for this type of practitioner, such as specific educational qualifications, specialized licenses, and training. Additionally, grasping core concepts such as pruning techniques and arboriculture practices can give potential tree surgeons Kidderminster a competitive edge in their careers. By taking the time to study tree surgery before taking any steps towards joining this field, one can ensure they are prepared for their potential role.

Get certified:

Once you have done your research, obtaining certification is the next step toward becoming a tree surgeon. Most states require that prospective tree surgeons complete specialized training and pass an exam administered by an industry-recognized organization. These programs typically provide students with an in-depth understanding of the science and practice of arboriculture and prepare them for their future careers as tree surgeons.

Obtain licenses or permits:

In addition to certification, potential tree surgeons must also obtain licenses or permits from their state or local government to practice legally. This step involves paperwork, fees, and background checks depending on the region in which they plan to operate. Aspiring tree surgeons must understand the laws and regulations in their state or city before taking any steps toward beginning their careers.

Invest in tools:

Tree surgeons must possess a wide range of technical skills, specialized equipment, and tools to do their job properly. This includes climbing gear, ladders, chipper knives, handsaws, pole saws, and more. Experienced tree surgeons should also look into investing in a truck with a hydraulic lift to make transporting heavy pieces of wood easier.

How Much Does A Tree Surgeon Make?

Becoming a tree surgeon can be a rewarding career choice, with salaries ranging from £24,375 per year for entry-level positions to £35,000 for experienced workers. On average, in the UK, tree surgeons make an annual salary of £27,382 or £14.04 an hour. With plenty of scope for development and learning new skills, this job is a great option for anyone interested in working outdoors and living the forestry life.


Becoming a tree surgeon is a lucrative and rewarding profession for those who have an affinity for trees. It involves not only hard work and technical knowledge but also tremendous dedication, endurance, and skill. With the right determination and attitude, there are endless opportunities to make a great living as a tree surgeon. Through patience, practice, and education, many dreamers achieve their goal of becoming tree surgeons. Taking care of nature’s greatest resource is a noble pursuit and one that should be taken seriously. We hope this guide has provided you with some insight into how to become a tree surgeon and the rewards that come with it. We wish you luck on your journey!

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